Lifebuoy Launches Berbagi Sehat Mobile App in Partnership with KlikDokter

Berbagi Sehat mobile app | Aulia Masna/AdDiction

Berbagi Sehat mobile app | Aulia Masna/AdDiction
Berbagi Sehat mobile app | Aulia Masna/AdDiction

Unilever Indonesia’s Lifebuoy has launched a health app called Berbagi Sehat  (Share Health) in collaboration with health portal The Android app allows parents to detect and determine possible symptoms of illnesses, create a health diary for their children, and be aware of potential disease or viral outbreaks in the neighborhood.

Unilever worked with Mirum Jakarta to create the app after a focus group discussion revealed that mothers are more likely to go online using their smartphones to determine what illnesses the their children may have whenever they seem to fall sick.

Given the mountain of information available online and the difficulties in determining trustworthiness and credibility of sources, Unilever decided to create an app to address this issue. Lifebuoy’s Social Mission Relations Dr. Gracecielia Piscesianita said, “With the questionable information from the internet, mothers tend to elect to treat their children’s illnesses on their own and rarely do they record the medical history, but this is necessary for diagnosis when further treatment by a doctor is warranted and for future preventive measures”.

The collaboration with the seven year old KlikDokter health site provides the app with articles concerning health matters as well as symptom diagnosis, treatment suggestions, and precautionary tips. “We hope that with this application the quality of public health can be improved”, said Dr. Melyarna Putri of KlikDokter.

Lifebuoy already has a strong brand affinity among Indonesian consumers and an ongoing public health campaign which means that people are far more likely to trust information coming from the brand, than from many other sources.

Mirum Jakarta Vice President of Client Services Garth Parlimbangan said that KlikDokter’s strong connections to the Health Ministry as well as several medical associations gives it the necessary trust factor and the confidence for Lifebuoy to bring the portal on board as a partner. The partnership marks a win for KlikDokter to push its content to consumers who might not otherwise access their website or their own health consultancy mobile app.

Parlimbangan expects to see this sort of brand outreach even further this year and beyond. With the internet and mobile devices getting increasingly integral in people’s lives, companies are beginning to understand how to connect better with their consumers and go beyond traditional advertising strategies.

Berbagi Sehat is available to download from Google Play.