Path Publishes 2015 Trends

Path trending coverPath, the personal social network owned by Kakao, today released a list of what trended in 2015 among Path users. The company separated the list into trends of global interest and those specific to Indonesia. Among the list are the top songs, movies, books, malls, most photographed spots, and restaurants that Path users have checked into over the past year.

Alex Kim, head of Path in Indonesia said, “throughout the years, Path has grown into a mobile lifestyle platform with rich services that impact users on daily basis. And it’s no secret that Indonesia has one of the biggest shares of Path users… What’s trending on Path mirrors that of what’s trending in Indonesia”.

The list of top trends may very well be skewed towards the preferences of the Indonesian market given how much it is used in the country compared to overseas but that just means Path can be a great tool to monitor certain consumer behaviors in Indonesia.

Path has yet to make its numbers publicly available since the acquisition by Kakao and Communications Manager Khiko Rayesmara politely declined when asked. “At this moment, we are not going to release any numbers related with our trending news… and I hope in the future, we can share more details,” he told AdDiction.

The company made available an infographic of its trending list. Due to its size we have rearranged the panels to fit better. Unfortunately Path did not include the names of the cities of the top venues outside of Jakarta which means anyone looking to check those places out will have to look them up online.

Path 2015 Indonesia trends
Path 2015 Indonesia Trends
Path 2015 Global Trends
Path 2015 Global Trends