Bukalapak CEO Apologizes to Company Owners for Drop in Employee Productivity During Harbolnas

Bukalapak YouTube video

Bukalapak YouTube video
Bukalapak YouTube video

In the battle to reach the consumers for this week’s annual National Online Shopping Day, Bukalapak marketplace released a video ad on YouTube which reached nearly a million views in just three days. The seemingly self produced video was also accompanied by a print ad on the Kompas daily newspaper today.

The CEO and founder of Bukalapak himself, Achmad Zaki, appeared in the video to apologize to company leaders and CEOs for the impending drop in employee productivity during the online shopping sale period in which his company is imposing an up to 80% discount on many of the items sold through the marketplace with additional discounts when using a promotional code. The video quickly spread among the Indonesian tech startup community and widely shared across social media and various messaging applications.

The accompanying print ad on Kompas’s Ekonomi section carries the same light-hearted apology and message from Zaky.

The CEOs and all company leaders in Indonesia.

I, Achmad Zaky, would like to apologize sincerely if your employees fail to work productively during Bukalapak’s National Online Shopping Day on the 10, 11, 12 December 2015. It is all due to the nonsensical discount up to 80%+12%+12% from myself and the sellers which can be had by entering the promo code BL1212.

On behalf on Bukalapak.com I apologize profusely.

Thank you,

Ahmad Zaky
CEO Bukalapak.com”


On the same newspaper, e-commerce newcomer MatahariMall.com took out a massive four page back to back cover spread to reach offline consumers. The Lippo Group-backed company had, over the last several weeks, purchased a number of billboard spots across the country for identical material.



While the online sale festival had historically been held only on 12 December, hence the nickname 1212 Sale, its popularity in the last couple of years had driven the organizers to extend the sale into a three day event from the 10th to the 12th, although it won’t be surprising if certain outlets add another day or two to boost their sales even further.

Officially named Harbolnas for Hari Belanja Online Nasional, the festival was established in 2012 by seven online retailers to promote awareness of online shopping to Indonesian consumers. Since then, the public reception has only skyrocketed prompting significant interest from other online stores and e-commerce companies. For this year’s festival, 140 online shopping sites are officially participating in the event, a huge increase from 78 participants in 2014.