Twitter Indonesia’s 2015 Year in Review

2015 year on Twitter captured from Twitter video

2015 year on Twitter captured from Twitter video
2015 year on Twitter captured from Twitter video

Twitter has released its annual Indonesia #YearOnTwitter for 2015 in a blog post by country business head Roy Simangunsong. While Twitter in 2014 was dominated by politics thanks to being an election year, this year there wasn’t such a dominant topic. The primary conversations ranged from religion to politics, death of a celebrity, sports, and more.

2015 marked a new chapter for Twitter in Indonesia having opened its local office in Central Jakarta and appointing Simangunsong in August to replace Rick Mulia who left in April. The company also launched Twitter Audience Platform to extend its commercial offering beyond the Twitter stream to reach a far greater number of audience.

Of course, Twitter itself went through a significant reorganization with company founder Jack Dorsey taking over the CEO position full time from Dick Costolo after several months being its interim chief. There had also been several executive level changes across the company which have had and will still have notable effects in the coming months.

Globally it’s been a huge year with the two terror attacks in Paris marking the start and end of the year, the debate about THAT dress, the middle east refugee crisis, the Pluto fly by by NASA’s New Horizons mission, Rugby World Cup, and may other major events.

As for the most popular topics on Twitter in Indonesia, one of which was the holy month of Ramadan. Twitter said that 20% of the 8.4 billion tweets that referred to the fasting month came from Indonesia. That’s over 1.6 billion tweets over 30 days. Soon after, Indonesia had its 70th anniversary of its independence proclamation and Twitter celebrated by debuting the first custom emoji for the country, enabled by the hashtag #RI70.

[@jokowi tweet courtesy Twitter Inc.]
[@jokowi tweet courtesy Twitter Inc.]

More than two million tweets mentioned the peat fires and haze which raged across Sumatra and Kalimantan in the third quarter of the year. The disaster led to an increased global discourse on climate change and its worldwide effects, not to mention strained relations with neighboring countries.

Football has always been a popular topic on Twitter but this year it was even more so as the country received an international ban from FIFA following the mishandling and controversies of national football operations by the country’s football association, PSSI. The suspension of the national competition led to the creation of the President’s Cup which produced 1.3 million tweets throughout the event.

The death of popular actor and TV host Olga Syahputra was significantly talked about early in the year with more than 730,000 tweets. The late host had been taken ill for several months before he passed away in March. Fans, families, and friends alike remembered and shared his moments on Twitter. This also led to the year’s most retweeted Indonesian tweet from Syahputra’s close friend, actor, and TV host Raffi Ahmad.

Also notable was the massive support for the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) which had its chiefs either stood down or arrested in January for dubious reasons following the investigations of several high ranking police generals. The President’s ambiguous position and indecisiveness on the matter led to an outrage by the people and a stand off outside of KPK building between police forces, the interim and unpopular KPK chief, and hundreds of KPK supporters seeking transparency.

The most used hashtags in the country are:
#VoteJKT48ID: Used to choose the pop idol group in the Asia Kids Choice Award
#mufc: Manchester United football club fans supporting their team
#1DID: The hashtag, which also used a custom emoji, was produced by Twitter in a global competition to determine the boyband’s top ten countries with the most fans on the social network. Indonesia did not make it to the top ten.
#PersibDay: Used by supporters of the Bandung football club during its matches and peaked when the club won the President’s Cup on 19th of October.
#RIPOlgaSyahputra: When the actor and TV host passed away in March, this hashtag was used to pay respects on Twitter.

Simangunsong’s blog post has more details and an infographic summary of 2015 Year on Twitter.