New Scent at Mirum Jakarta as it Picked Up Digital Duties for Unilever’s Rexona

Rexona men ice cool deodorant | AdDiction/Aulia Masna

The marketing efforts of deodorant brand Rexona is getting a boost after Mirum Indonesia picked up digital duties for the Unilever brand. The agency’s press release notes that it now handles 10 of the consumer goods company’s brands in the country.

“We’ve got a lot of great ideas for Rexona and we look forward to working with the team on their digital strategy. It’s always an absolute honor to be given an opportunity to work with Unilever brands,” said Garth Parlimbangan, Managing Director of Mirum Indonesia.

“Rexona aims to own the category in the digital space, which is an important part of our target market’s daily life. And Mirum is the right partner to achieve this. They have passion, creativity and the digital expertise which is very relevant with our target consumer nowadays,” said Diko Handono, Senior Brand Manager of Rexona.

While the company has yet to say what strategies are being prepared for Rexona, Mirum has been known to run non-conventional campaigns, notably the Ionopolis games for Pocari Sweat in 2010-2012 which combined digital and physical elements leading to an immediate retail lift.

Mirum noted that Indonesian consumers are more mobile and far more likely to purchase items from their mobile devices than in neighboring countries.