Government Sector Drives Reversal of AMP Group’s Fortunes

Farid Ganio | AdDiction/Melfin Salim

Farid Ganio | AdDiction/Melfin Salim
AMP Group CEO Farid Ganio | AdDiction/Melfin Salim

2015 may have turned out to be a disappointing year for many in Indonesia’s advertising industry as clients significantly scale down their promotional efforts and ending several existing campaigns but at least one group is enjoying a better year than the last. AMP Group CEO and co-founder Farid Ganio Tjokrosoeseno revealed that his companies have exceeded his projections for the year and managed to fulfill their billing commitments with two months to spare.

As a group which focuses on media placement and monitoring, AMP was looking at a bleak 2015 due to client withdrawals and spending reductions in the first half of the year. Entering the second half however, its fortunes were reversed when it received increased interests from the government sector.

“Many government offices in the second half of the year had been looking to promote either themselves or their agenda which comes a as a surprise to us because this didn’t happen in the first half”, Farid told AdDiction. “Admittedly, we’ve had had private sector clients that cut their commitments short in the first half given the economic condition, and we were prepared for that, but this [government interest] came as a complete surprise and we’ve managed to book a better year than 2014.” Political campaigns made up a significant portion of ad spending in 2014 given the legislative and presidential elections.

Farid did not elaborate which government offices had been making the spending but he said that the ads are mainly about the offices themselves or their programs. Given that there will be a nationwide election of 263 regional heads from the regency level up to provincial level in early December, the industry is looking at an increase in the contribution from political ads.