Wall’s Ice Cream Love Triangle Entertains Teens and Adults Alike

walls ice cream

It’s been an incredibly hot period in Jakarta lately so perhaps it’s as good time as any to bring up Unilever’s recent campaign for Wall’s which creatively promoted three of its ice cream brands in an entertaining anthropomorphic series of ads.

The #jadihappy (become happy) snacking campaign was crafted by Unilever along with Arcade Indonesia highlighting three of the company’s less promoted ice cream brands in a love triangle between the poetic and lonely Dung Dung, the chirpy and flirty Populaire, and cool guy Feast. The entire campaign centers around Dung Dung’s repeated attempt in winning Populaire’s love who is clearly smitten with Feast.

So why the three brands? Wall’s brand manager Kaninia Radiatni told AdDiction, “These 3 ice creams are our all-time favorite ice creams that has a lot of loyal fans but until now, we haven’t really activated these 3 ice creams through particular marketing activities. So through these #jadihappy campaign, we want to remind the ice cream fans about how these ice creams could really make you happy”.

walls jadihappy

“We tap into relevant subject where our target audience (teens + young adult) could really relate to their feeling and day to day life”, Kaninia said. Through various workshops and meetings, the team decided that the three brands would be given distinct personalities and characteristics which the audience could relate to and amplify them.

“We tried to understand not only their interests, but also their concerns and worries, their fears and also their hopes. And after that, we crafted together on how to tap into the insight by creating strong characters for the three ice cream”, she said.

The humorous love triangle approach is certainly a subject that is close to the hearts of Wall’s target audience, the teens and the young adults. Comical poetry, heartbreakingly corny conversations, and strong personalities combine for a compelling narrative that draws audience sympathy and attention toward the characters. Combine those with a comprehensive social and traditional media placements, and Unilever has got themselves a winner.

Today’s young generation is a very digital oriented society, so it was an easy decision for the team to deploy the campaign across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Search. At the same time, traditional media placement remains an important strategy to reach the absolute widest audience possible, so Unilever set out to make a big splash for the #jadihappy campaign during television station SCTV’s 25th anniversary celebration which was broadcast nationally on August 25th, one week after the campaign’s launch.

The campaign continues on buses, trains, radio, and LED displays in several cities in addition to in-store placements across convenience stores, supermarkets, grocers, and other traditional outlets throughout the country. Unilever has also been drawing active participation by calling for the public to come up with their own stories for the trio and featuring selected winners in the campaign.

In early October, the trio was joined by Cornetto, a friend of Populaire, who complicates matters by trying to win affection from Dung Dung.

[Header image from Wall’s YouTube video, others from Unilever]