Frisian Flag’s Pop Up Café in Central Jakarta Attracted Thousands of Visitors

FFCafe during press event | Aulia Masna/AdDiction

FFCafe during press event | Aulia Masna/AdDiction
FFCafe during press event | Aulia Masna/AdDiction

Frisian Flag Indonesia held a big event between 5-11 October 2015 to introduce a new packaging for its condensed milk by setting up a pop up cafe outside of fX Sudirman mall in Central Jakarta. The stunt was amplified throughout social media to generate interest in the cafe.

The company initially teased the cafe’s existence by seeding advertorials across several news outlets including CNN Indonesia, Metro TV News, and Detik and employing influential Twitter users to continuously talk about the cafe ahead of the opening.

Frisian Flag Condensed Milk in pull-tab cans | Aulia Masna/AdDiction
Frisian Flag Condensed Milk with pull-tab cans | Aulia Masna/AdDiction

It was all revealed on 5 October when Frisian Flag officially opened the cafe for the public where it served free food and drinks in return for tweets and follows, whereby consumers were asked to follow the company’s Twitter account and sending a tweet mentioning the account and containing the promotion’s two hashtags.

For decades, Frisian Flag’s condensed milk cans have always required a can opener but the company has now switched the packaging to a pull-tab design resembling soda cans. The company is proud to be the first to introduce this design for condensed milk packaging.

“We’re very enthusiastic and proud to introduce the newest packaging can for our condensed milk. We are confident it will provide greater benefits to families in Indonesia”, said Mautiz Klavert, president director of Frisian Flag Indonesia.

According to Rays Mitchelle, Frisian Flag’s junior brand manager for condensed milk, the pop-up cafe was created because “cafes represent the modern lifestyle and we want to highlight the fact that this innovation is closely related to the lifestyle”.

“For the time being, we’re only focused for this week. We haven’t got plans to turn this into a permanent cafe”, he said. However, there are Frisian Flag food trucks that have been deployed to various locations within the Jabodetabek area and will be making the rounds for 30 days to amplify the message about its new condensed milk packaging.

The cafe attracted thousands of visitors during its seven day presence at fX Sudirman mall, who not only wanted to take advantage of the free food and drinks but also enjoy various entertainment shows and performances by musicians and other artists, along with celebrity appearances throughout the week.