Citra Pariwara 2015 Submission Requirements and Guidelines

JWT Indonesia CEO Lulut Asmoro at 2014 Citra Pariwara | Aulia Masna/AdDiction

JWT Indonesia CEO Lulut Asmoro at 2014 Citra Pariwara | Aulia Masna/AdDiction
JWT Indonesia CEO Lulut Asmoro at Citra Pariwara 2014 | Aulia Masna/AdDiction

Citra Pariwara 2015 is about to happen in seven weeks and to start things off, P3I Jakarta, as the organizers, held an information session on Wednesday (7/8) to announce a number of changes and adjustments to the criteria and categories of the festival.

Client approval
Firstly, the print and print craft category this year has been merged into just print and there will be a new category, design, added to the list. Secondly, the organizers have made it compulsory for each entry to have a signed letter of approval from the client, attached with the submission form. This was a crucial addition to avoid scam ads that were made just for competition purposes.

Additionally, if an advertisement contains no brand identity or is unclear on who the client is and the client refuses to be identified in any way even for competition purposes, the work is ineligible for submission even if the client provides approval of participation.

In this situation, the agency should not sign off on the “anonymous” piece as the party responsible since any liability that may arise due to the publication of the work would fall entirely on the agency instead of the client. That could create a dangerous precedent.

A point that was reiterated several times during the session was that work that was dismissed from the festival during the verification stage for being ineligible for any reason will not be displayed on the exhibition floor during the event and the entry fee will not be refunded.

The ethics board will scrutinize every submission based on the 2014 advertising ethics book to ensure they are all eligible for consideration.

If a work has been submitted twice by different entities, the organizer will recognize the first submission

Citra Pariwara 2015 is open to any work produced by agencies and clients based in Indonesia for the domestic audience. Submissions by a foreign entity, one that is not established as an Indonesian company, or never published in the country, will not be eligible for the festival.

The complete guidelines and rules on Citra Pariwara 2015 submission are available on the festival’s website.