Fortune Indonesia’s Winning Entries at Pinasthika Found to be Identical to German Radio Ads from 2008

A set of pink knives | Aulia Masna/AdDiction

A set of pink knives | Aulia Masna/AdDiction
A set of pink knives | Aulia Masna/AdDiction

Pinasthika Creativestival has just landed itself in yet another ordeal after it was discovered that the winning entries in the radio category from Fortune Indonesia were found to have been identical to that of a series of German radio ads.

In 2008, Y&R Germany produced three radio ads for W├╝sthof Kitchen Knives titled Tomato, Radish, and Chili. The ads sounded every bit identical to the winning ads produced by Fortune Indonesia. In a further twist, not only do the ads sound identical, the Fortune-produced ads, titled Cabai, Bawang, and Buncis were for Tupperware kitchen knives, making the entire issue doubly embarrassing for the event’s panel of juries. Especially so for Woon Siew Hoh as the president jury whom we heard is livid after finding out about the matter.

Whether there will be consequences or actions taken against Fortune Indonesia remains to be seen but because there doesn’t seem to be any technical violations against the terms of the submissions, it doesn’t seem likely. Generally it’s up to the panel of juries to determine whether the submissions qualify as finalists. In this case, it seems that they were caught completely unaware of the existence of the older ads.

Dewan Danu Setio of Publicis first posted the link to the German ads in the Ahensi x Ahensi Facebook Group on Monday, commenting only that he found a good radio ad. While there was only one comment left under the post, it alluded to the similarity which eventually made its way to the Pinasthika jury panel.

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Fortune’s ads for Tupperware kitchen knives were also submitted to the 2014 Citra Pariwara Advertising Festival but did not make it through as finalists.