Instagram Announces Global Ad Roll Out Including 30 Second Video Spots

Instagram ad from Opensnap | AdDiction

Instagram ad from Opensnap | AdDiction
Instagram ad from Opensnap | AdDiction

Just last week Instagram announced that it will start to deliver advertisements to its users in Indonesia. Now comes news that the company’s ad roll out is in full swing. Instagram ads will not only be available to advertisers and users in 30 more countries today, but it will accommodate 30 second video ad spots compared to the standard 15 seconds allowed on the network.

Advertising on Instagram will be presented in the two new formats that debuted recently; tall and wide, in addition to the standard square format. The fact that ads can now be presented in wide format with a duration of up to 30 seconds will surely appease many advertisers who had been reluctant to alter their existing assets to purchase ad spots on Instagram.

The 30 second wide format video ads will be much welcomed by brands and agencies as they can far more easily repurpose their existing TVCs to be delivered through Instagram, allowing greater savings and increased effectiveness of the production. Regular users however will remain restricted to posting videos of up to 15 seconds.

Instagram’s brand development lead for Asia Pacific Paul Webster said in a statement, “starting this month, businesses of all sizes in Indonesia will have a new option in communicating creativity and achieving their advertising objective on Instagram”.

According to Instagram’s announcement, Indonesian users can expect to see ads from Air Asia (@airasiaindonesia), Indosat (@indosat), Intel (@intel_indonesia), Lazada (@lazadaid), Traveloka (@traveloka), TRESemmé Indonesia (@tresemmeid), Zalora (@zaloraid) and Coca Cola Indonesia (@cocacola_id). This is different and far more extensive than the list we received last week, and as per Paul’s statement, Instagram is allowing any business (yes, including online shops that sell items though Instagram) to purchase advertising spots on the photo network.

Brama Dhanuwinata, social media and engagement lead from VML Qais, said, “brands can be more effective in their reach and engagement with the audience on Instagram and follower growth will no longer be the most important metric. Instagram “sisters” may well try it out if Instagram’s rates are affordable, and the trend of spamming celebrities’ posts in the comments may be reduced”.

The “sisters” that Brama referred to are Indonesian Instagram shop owners who are primarily female and call each other sister. They tend to have an extensive network of connections within Instagram to advertise their shops through spam comments, reciprocal promotions, and various other methods.

Instagram today also launched Marquee, a premium product designed to increase awareness and reach of a marketing campaign within a short period through time coordinated ad blitzes. This will be valuable for brands who wish to own a moment ahead of or during events such as a significant product launch, movie or television premieres, and live events.

To manage the ads, Instagram advertisers will have the advantage of using Facebook’s ad infrastructure and tools for more accurate targeting and distribution to ensure that the messages reach the intended audience.

First launched in 2013 in the United States, Instagram’s ad product has since been introduced in eight countries and advertisers have embraced the platform as an effective way to communicate with consumers. At the end of September, Instagram’s ad products will be available globally.