Former Okezone CEO Roy Simangunsong Joins Twitter as Indonesia Head of Business

roy simangunsong
Twitter today announced Roy Arnold Simangunsong as the new head of business for Indonesia, replacing Rick Mulia who returned to Wego in April after serving for less than a year. A 19 year veteran in the technology and digital advertising fields, Roy was previously the CEO of Okezone, an online news portal belonging to MNC Group, and Yahoo Indonesia country ambassador and sales director for three years prior to that.

“With a strong track record in the industry I’m confident that he can build an ecosystem, create innovative campaigns, and accelerate engage,tents between advertisers and users in our real time marketing platform,” Twitter managing director for the region, Parminder Singh, said of Roy at the media event.

Roy is stepping into the role amidst a stagnating growth in the company’s active base with unhappy interim CEO Jack Dorsey saying in July while addressing Twitter’s Q2 financial results, that he’s “not satisfied with the growth in audience”, although he was pleased in terms of revenue.

“I’m excited to start connecting advertisers to our users and partners for major cultural and everyday moments in Indonesian society”, Roy said. “Today, Twitter is the social soundtrack to daily life in Indonesia from getting real time updates to connecting with others, to expressing their views”.

“Twitter is one of the most active social media used by Indonesians to interact with each other so advertisers can interact with them through ads or other ways including Twitter Audience Platform to extend their reach”, Roy said.

Addressing the lack of spending on digital by Indonesian advertisers, Roy pointed out Twitter’s interactive nature as an advantage for advertisers in their communication with their consumers. “I say there’s a significant opportunity and Twitter is here to show how to use a digital medium to interact with the intended audience for advertisers and agencies in Indonesia”.

Parminder highlighted the high number of participation and engagement among Indonesians on Twitter during Ramadan and for the nation’s Independence day anniversary last month. 20% of the Ramadan tweets originated from Indonesia while the hashtag #RI70 had 440,000 tweets.

Additionally, he revealed that “40% of Indonesia’s Twitter users have posted a video in the last three months” and that “both the consumption and the creation of video increasing in very significant ways, whether it’s Periscope, Vine, or [Twitter’s own] native video”, which means that the often criticized quality of mobile data connections in Indonesia may not be that much of a hindrance for consumers who are evidently hungry for video content.

The announcement was preceded by the launch of Twitter Audience Platform (TAP) for Indonesia which is a program designed to expand the reach of Twitter’s advertising products beyond its own properties.


Twitter has a monthly active base of around 316 million people globally but the company claims that advertising on its platform can reach 700 million thanks to TAP which extends ads to individuals outside of its network by turning them into native ads in other applications or games, that people can interact with just as they would on Twitter.

A study by MediaScience, commissioned by Twitter, found that consumers both on and off Twitter spent 123% more time with ads published through TAP than using regular mobile interstitials.

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