Gaining Deeper Consumer Insight Through Telkomsel MSIGHT

telkomsel msight
Mobile telecommunications companies are expected to be in possession of a massive collection of data about their customers. While this collection was largely ignored by telcos in the past, used mostly for the companies’ own marketing campaigns, the significant shift away from traditional voice calls and text messaging towards internet-based services pushed them to take advantage of consumer data further. We spoke with Stevy Kosasih, Telkomsel General Manager Digital Advertising Sales, which runs MSight, the company’s consumer insight program that makes use of anonymized Telkomsel subscriber data for marketing campaign purposes.

What does Telkomsel Msight offer for advertisers and what benefits can they gain?
Telkomsel MSIGHT supports through two things:
1.Campaign targeting and measurement
2.Consumer insight based on collective behavior of Telkomsel subscribers

For the first point, Msight helps advertisers to create profile criteria which match the target audience of the campaign and evaluate campaign results based on the agreed upon parameters (such as impression, click through rate, redemption, survey participation, etc.).The benefits from this service is that advertisers can more effectively target the audience consistent with the personal nature of mobile advertising.

Not only that, audience behavior can be tracked to reveal the impact of the campaign to their behavior so that advertisers can plan for a better campaign in the future. This of course would assist advertisers to maximize return on investment.

For the second point, through research, Msight helps advertisers learn deeper about their target audience starting from the demographic and psychographic profiles, behaviors in using mobile devices, movement, consumption pattern, and opinion towards particular products or services. The benefit for advertisers are:
1.Msight offers 360 degree view of the same consumers whose behaviors can be observed continuously.
2.Complements audience measurement from traditional media such as out of home.

What competitive advantage can clients gain by using data from Msight?
The uniqueness that Msight offers that are not available from other providers are,
1.A very large subscriber base, greater than 140 million consumers.
2.Richness of data related to people movement, demography and psychography
3.Data analysis that’s faster and deeper so decision making can notably be done faster but also more accurate.
Those three features can increase ROI and make Msight a center of innovation for clients.

How big of a role does Telkomsel see from Msight? Will it one day be bigger than the basic telecommunication services, considering data subscribers are moving towards internet based services.
Essentially all Telkomsel digital services are meant to deliver benefits for all Telkomsel customers whether individual or corporate. The Msight service is expected to increase Telkomsel’s value to customers through consumer insight. Telkomsel is committed to improving its service to customers.

Can you share examples of what advertisers or clients can gain through Msight?
Certainly the application of consumer research from Msight is diverse, depending on the objective of each client. Some of which include out of home campaign planning and evaluation, mobile advertising campaign planning and evaluation, new site opening (stores, ATM’s, branches, malls, flight routes, etc.), sales lead generation, new product development.

Telkomsel guarantees security of consumer data collected through Msight. What does Telkomsel offer should the data ever leak?
For each Telkomsel business line, we maintain security of customers’ personal data. With Msight for example, we analyze collective behavior without compromising individual personal data.

Will Telkomsel publish findings of its consumer behavior research?
That is among our plans. Stay tuned for updates!