Creative Economy Agency Finally Appoints Deputies

Bekraf Executives
Six months and one day since the appointment of Triawan Munaf as the head of the Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) by President Joko Widodo, the agency finally has an official list of executive staff. Agency chief Triawan Munaf has appointed a number of professionals and a government bureaucrat into his executive team.

The appointments follow an exhaustive search through hundreds of candidates by a selection panel and vetted by a team from University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Economics. In his speech at the inauguration Triawan said, “the selected candidates have a track record of commendable leadership experience in their respective industries and a proven globally recognized body of work”

“Indonesia needs fresh strategic steps and a professional and modern way of working in the field of creative economy to ensure that the country is no longer merely a target market due to its population and economic growth, but also hold a primary role domestically and in the global market”, Triawan said.

The next step is to select directors and staff for each of the 16 sub sectors that have been identified by the agency as important fields within its scope of authority.

Today’s appointments are as follows:

Agency Deputy: Ricky Y. Pesik
Deputy for Research, Education, and Development: Boy Berawi
Deputy for Access to Capital: Fadjar Hutomo
Deputy for Marketing: Joshua M. Simanjuntak
Deputy for Infrastructure: Hari Sungkari
Deputy for Intellectual Property Facilitation and Regulation: Ari Juliano Gema
Deputy for Interdepartmental and Regional Relations: Endah W. Sulistianti
Chief Secretary: Harry Waluyo

Today’s formal appointments of Bekraf’s executive team follows a reorganization of the agency in June due to a revision to the presidential order regarding its creation and function.

No longer an independent government agency reporting directly to the President, Bekraf will now be reporting to the Ministry of Tourism despite the agency chief being a position equal to a government minister. This curious turnaround potentially negates the very reason the agency was formed in the first place.

The formation of Bekraf was announced in October 2014 as a spin off of the former Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy from President Yudhoyono’s cabinet. The move was to make the creative economy sector more prominent without being burdened by traditional governmental bureaucracy typically associated with ministerial offices, and to avoid playing second fiddle to tourism industry.

It was a promise by President Jokowi to turn the country into a world class creative powerhouse by providing a professionally run agency that will deliver greater access to resources for the benefit of the industry and its participants.

However, appointing the former director general of creative economy from the previous ministry as chief secretary of Bekraf along with the repositioning of the agency back under the Tourism Ministry signal a step back by the President in his commitment.

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