Marvel’s Ant-Man Joins Idul Fitri Festivities

MarvelStudiosID_2015-Jul-17Following the press screening, Marvel’s Ant-Man debuted across Indonesian movie theaters on Thursday (16/7), one day before this year’s Idul Fitri. The Disney-owned company has been promoting its latest production very heavily across all media for weeks, with many of its ads tying it to the company’s other superhero movies.

Coinciding with Idul Fitri, Marvel seized the opportunity to take the festivities into context and produced the following ad for social media. In its previous advertisements, it had been featuring Ant-Man as the superhero without the superpowers or abilities that his peers in Captain America, Thor, or Iron-Man have.


Marvel also posted the same poster on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 12.18.11 PM

In keeping with its recent custom in promoting movies by partnering with local celebrities, Marvel Studios Indonesia has appointed long-time Indonesian Idol host Daniel Mananta as its ambassador for the film.

Daniel is participating in Marvel’s Ant-Man roadshows across several cities in Indonesia and featured in the movie’s promotional short videos and still images with the Ant-Man suit, distributed across social media channels. He also joined commuter train passengers in Jakarta who hopped on board the trains featuring Ant-Man material.

“Ant-Man is interesting because he is actually an original member of the Avengers and I’m certain many people forgot or even are not familiar with the Ant-Man character”, Daniel said in a press release. “This is a classic dynamic story from Marvel Comics that has yet to be seen in previous Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Not to mention it’s the funniest Marvel movie yet.”

We suspect it’s no coincidence that Daniel was selected because his last name is Mananta, which is an anagram for A Man Ant. Get it? Oh fine.

Daniel Mananta