Nielsen is Partnering With Fractal To Deliver Improved Outdoor Media Measurement

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On Monday (6/7), Nielsen and media research company Fractal announced that they have joined forces to deliver improved measurements of public reception to outdoor media.

According to Nielsen’s Media Director Hellen Kathrina, the potential for outdoor media remains unrealized, leading many advertisers to skip over brand placements on billboards or videotrons in favor of other media.

“Penetration of outdoor media in Indonesia is 52%”, Hellen said, “second highest to television”, which is 93%. People are on the road on average five hours per day, making outdoor media placement a strategic step for companies to ensure their brands achieve or remain on top of consumers’ minds. This claim is supported by the findings that 67% of consumers leave their residences on both weekday and weekend periods and 25% spend their days outside of buildings for up to two hours.

“Outdoor advertising is perceived to be an expensive investment because it requires a greater effort to implement and its effectiveness is yet to be clearly measured”, according to Nielsen Indonesia Managing Director Agus Nurudin.

Due to the significant cost which involves regular maintenance in addition to creating and placing the ads themselves, Hellen said that advertisers must think very hard whether to spend on outdoor media because they have to justify the effectiveness of the campaign and whether they reach their intended audience in the first place.

Agus said, “with this measurement, advertisers will finally be informed of the best locations for their ads, what the competitive scene is like and whether the ads reach the target audience”.

Fractal Managing Director Reza Sjarief said, “the questions that advertisers have always asked is competition, location, target market, and investment for their outdoor media strategy. Today we are here to answer those questions and with Nielsen we are committed to provide the best service for our clients”.

According to Reza, there are currently 485 brands who use outdoor media for advertisements. Fractal will monitor 1,708 outdoor media locations in Jakarta using GPS-assisted technology.

The partnership will monitor several aspects including placements by competitors, comparative investment measurement, audience, activities, and periodical surveys. “This report will be summarized and passed on to our advertisers every month”, Hellen said.

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