When Customer Service Doublespeak Attacks

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Many of us have dealt with all kinds of customer service officers, ranging from those who are genuinely helpful to others who can be totally frustrating. While we wouldn’t normally write a story on this particular aspect of brand communications, this really takes the cake. And it has cats.

MNC Play Media customer and gadget blogger Ario Pratomo asked on Twitter why his television and internet connections went out all of a sudden yesterday. About 20 hours later, he received a reply from MNC Play Media, one of which is quite a doozy.

When a company decides not only to have a presence on social media but also to make it the forefront of its customer service, it’s reasonable for consumers to expect a timely response and in this case, within a few hours would have been acceptable. However, MNC Play Media decided to reply the day after and in a not so helpful manner by saying normal service has resumed.

While you can read the entire conversation here, this part sticks out. The tweet at the bottom basically says, “The interruption that was experienced was caused by an issue that led to consumers experiencing a temporary service disruption”.

Wait, what? This doublespeak mastery is as astoundingly shocking as it is humorous. To its credit, one of the customer service reps handling the account eventually explained that a fiber optic cable in the area was cut, although being late, it wasn’t much of a comfort.

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