How Shorty Award Winner Yoga Adhitrisna Became a Copywriter

Yoga Adhitrisna was one of the biggest names that came out of the 2014 presidential campaign. He and his company, Berakar Komunikasi, had produced one of the most prominent and wildly popular materials in support of now President Joko Widodo. The Tintin-inspired campaign also propelled the company to be one of the most successful at Citra Pariwara advertising festival last year.

Prior to Yoga’s departure to the United States as a finalist for the Shorty Award for best social media use in politics, which he and his team were awarded for, we sat down with him to talk about his beginnings, his views on writing, and how he ended up as a copywriter.

He had always wanted to be a journalist, he said. He’s always been attracted by how the media works and even pushed himself to be involved in school and campus publications, writing news articles, conducting interviews, and generally being a reporter.

One pivotal meeting shortly prior to his graduation changed the course of his career. That meeting landed him a job as a freelance copywriter.

Despite no longer being in journalism, he credited his time as a reporter during school and university in helping him build his foundation as a professional with a strong work ethics.

Shorty Award
On 20 April in New York City, Yoga and his fellow campaign team members Eko Harsoselanto, and Hari Prasetyo, went up on the stage to accept the Shorty Award for best in government and politics, sharing the top prize with NASA, defeating NATO, US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, as well as aerospace and defense technology company Lockheed Martin.

Berakar Komunikasi had published a series of online comic strips and posters depicting then presidential candidate Joko Widodo in his impromptu walkabouts across the country as he made his progress throughout the campaign all the way to the inauguration day. The campaign was also awarded Gold for the Best Meme, a category that was won by EA.

Shorty Awards is an annual awards show that began in 2009 which recognizes best practices and innovative use of social media by individuals, brands, and organizations.