Indonesian Advertising Association to Introduce Talent Accelerator Program

Shortage of talent seems to be a never-ending issue for a lot of industries and within the advertising scene, this is especially so given the rise in alternative positions in the digital space requiring similar talents, in addition to the increasing number of companies within the industry itself. To combat this challenge, P3I Jakarta plans to implement a number of programs which will involve university outreach.

As head of P3I Jakarta, Irfan Ramli is announcing an accelerator program which will see potential creative talents participate in a series of immersive activities. The aim is to ensure that young talents are far more ready to face the challenges in the creative industry once they leave university.

The shortage of talents have led to an unhealthy poaching of employees between advertising companies and this program aims to reduce this practice by ensuring companies maintain a healthy pool of their own talents. While the specifics of the program has yet to be announced, the program will require a constant and consistent participation of senior advertising professionals who will act as mentors and instructors for the new talents.

Although not every company and practitioner in the industry will have the time and resources to actively participate in or contribute to the program, it’s expected that there would be enough support as this is an effort to improve and expand the industry.

Aside from the accelerator program, the association also plans for a campaign to promote the advertising industry as an attractive and exciting industry for university graduates. Recent moves by other industries have cost the advertising industry significantly in terms of the talent pool that it can draw from, leading to a necessary action to stem that flow.

These programs are in line with what a number of representatives of the advertising industry called for during January’s mid-term assembly in Medan. While this initiative is being called by the Jakarta chapter of the association, there’s no reason why the programs would not reach other regions as well.