Shynta L. Ferdiaz Reflects on Her Role as Managing Director of Satucitra

Satucitra Managing Director Shynta L. Ferdiaz spoke about what it’s like to be leading one of the country’s most prominent independent local agencies. With 30 years in the business, the company has had its share of ups and downs but it has always been consistent in its approach in being an Indonesian agency with Indonesian values.

In the first video, she discussed about the agency’s motto and values as a local agency. “Memahami Indonesia” or understanding Indonesia is not an easy task given the dynamics of the society and how the values of the country seems to shift from time to time, so for her it’s a continual learning process.

According to Shynta, luckily Satucitra is made up of people who love to have conversations and from those conversations they can gain better understanding of what Indonesia is.

She also talked about the agency’s failed attempt at entering the digital space. Unfortunately taking a conservative view and being careful about investing in digital did not pay off.

The majority of agencies in the digital space had been very aggressive about winning the market and they had invested very heavily in terms of capital and resources, not being shy about taking the risk.

As a result, the digital division of Satucitra never took off and they had to shelf it entirely, at least until the next opportunity presents itself.

In the second video, she talks about her role as managing director. The most important thing in her view is being able to run a happy environment where the business does well, the staff are happy, and the clients are well served.

As an agency Satucitra does get a lot of work and that results in a lot of heavy lifting and spending a lot of time working, but she said that everything pays off almost immediately once the work has been completed.

To achieve that sort of level, she finds that everything began with the hiring process. They tend to know the sort of people who would be able to work in the company and operate on the same wavelength as existing staff members.

This is important in creating a workplace environment where everyone can easily collaborate and work together through an understanding of each other’s tasks.

Shynta Ferdiaz today announced that she’s leaving Satucitra after more than five years with the company.