AdPlus Announces Collaboration with Korea’s Wisebirds to Enhance its Facebook Advertising Offering


Following its majority acquisition by Korea’s Yello Mobile earlier this month, Indonesian digital advertising company AdPlus announced on Thursday a collaboration with fellow Yello Mobile-owned company Wisebirds to deliver a more comprehensive Facebook marketing and advertising platform.

As a Facebook marketing partner, Wisebirds has built Adwitt, a platform to assist advertisers in managing and optimizing their ad inventory through the use of research, recommendations, detailed target market analysis, and flexibility in arranging advertising schedules.

Wisebirds strategic planning director Jun Youl Shin said, “In short, Adwitt helps marketing practitioners to find and reach new targets and use Facebook media effectively by setting aside complex unnecessary things from a campaign”.

Yazid Faizin, co-founder and CEO of AdPlus, expects the synergy with Wisebirds will allow for a much greater growth potential in the Indonesian market. “This parnership is an ideal opportunity for us to collaborate and expand our network and digital advertising business especially through Facebook. Not only in Indonesia but also throughout Asia”.

“Advertising spend in Indonesia in 2014 reached Rp 100 trillion. From that amount, 3% is used for digital ad spend. The numbers are still small when compared to TV commercial, but from the total ad spend by brand owners, 30% is being spent for digital marketing”, Yazid said at the event.

Asia Pacific head of Facebook’s marketing partners program Kiran Raghavan delivered a presentation at the signing ceremony on Thursday. He mentioned that while time spent watching television in Indonesia remains very high, he expects time spent on social media to be much higher in the near future and will comprise of a larger portion of time spent on the Internet than it does today.

He also said, “Cost of marketing online can continue to increase. With the ability to help marketers buying more efficiently [Facebook marketing partners] reduce the cost of marketing on Facebook significantly. In many cases delivering significant results for marketers”.

Tools from Facebook marketing partners, he said, have allowed marketers to receive “much richer insights. Real time information that allows them to take decisions on who to focus on, what message to convey and when to reach audiences with the right time and the right message”.

Yello Mobile has a history of aggressive acquisitions and being able to rapidly expand each of the companies it acquired to dominate their fields by discovering and applying multiple internal partnerships and collaborations.