Dji Sam Soe’s Mahakarya Indonesia Aims to Reawaken the Indonesian Spirit

Cigarette maker PT Sampoerna Tbk. released a new campaign for its Dji Sam Soe 234 brand in February, titled Mahakarya Indonesia, or Indonesian Masterpiece. The JWT-produced material is aimed at rekindling the spirit of the nation and recalling what’s deemed as the Indonesian soul. The company’s advertisements have always tapped into the cultural aspects of the country and its latest one is no different.

Throughout the years, Dji Sam Soe’s brand campaigns have always been close to indistinguishable from tourism spots as they highlight the landscape, identity, destinations, and other aspects that make up the Indonesian culture.

“Dji Sam Soe wants to widely spread the message, which is that true Indonesian masterpiece lies in the quality of Indonesian people itself. Indonesians who have depth in character, who never forget the values they hold dear and where they come from”, Andre Dahan, managing director at PT Sampoerna Tbk., told AdDiction recently.

JWT account director Sherly Basri said that the idea is to drive the people to hold conviction in the soul of Indonesia and maintain it despite all the foreign influence. “Realize that the Indonesian people have numerous cultural heritage born out of the Indonesian spirit and spread across the archipelago”, she said.

The two minute spot is accompanied by 60s and 90s versions to fit the television format. Andre said the longer version, “was made to set a clear and thorough understanding of the message that we want to convey, which is the profound meaning of the Indonesian Masterpiece”.

In addition to the television spots, the campaign is being run on newspapers and magazines. “We have had several editorials about Indonesian Masterpiece and soon will hold a journalist and blogger competition related to this specific theme”, Andre said.