P3I Mid-Term Assembly Delegates Want Greater Emphasis on Improving Regional Advertising Talents

The mid-term national assembly of the Indonesian Association of Advertising Companies (P3I) was held on Friday, 13 February, in Medan, North Sumatra. The purpose of the assembly was to report on the results and objectives of the 2013 congress held in Yogyakarta. The assembly was attended by more than 100 delegates and officially opened by the mayor of Medan, Dzulmi Eldin and the head of P3I, Harris Thayeb.

With the creative economy agency still a curiosity among many advertising professionals and executives, head of the agency Triawan Munaf was there to reiterate the objectives, purposes, and reasons for the its existence. He also fielded several questions from the delegates looking to find out more about the scope, authority, and possible collaborations.

As for the national assembly itself, association executives reported on the status of the proposals and programs submitted and approved during the 2013 congress.

In terms of organizing events, the association resolved back then to hand over all event managements to the regional associations, which include award festivals and seminars. Events such as Citra Pariwara (Jakarta), Pinasthika (Jogjakarta), and Caraka (Semarang) have been assigned to their respective host cities’ associations.

P3I will also encourage other regional associations to develop and produce locally relevant events to further improve the quality of Indonesian advertising on a national level. Additionally, the regional associations plan to conduct greater collaborative sessions to learn from one another to achieve the same goal.

There was also a call for professionals from Jakarta to make more regional visits and spend time teaching at local universities to bring students up to speed on current advertising practices and directions.

The association was also asked to clarify a number of operational technicalities to ensure smoother future congress and assembly sessions.

Photos from the event are available on the Flickr gallery above.