Fortune Indonesia Wins Back Hikmah Puasa Djarum Campaign for 2015

Hikmah Puasa Djarum 2014
Fortune Indonesia last week announced that it has secured the Ramadan campaign for tobacco company Djarum. With a relationship dating back to 2000, Fortune and Djarum have collaborated multiple times for this particular campaign and it was a home coming of sorts as the campaign had been handled by other agencies in recent years.

“The pitching victory is so special because Djarum is one of the key accounts of Fortune Indonesia”, said Aris Boediharjo, CEO of Fortune Indonesia.

While Fortune is no stranger to the campaign, the company said that it will remain a challenge. According to Fortune senior creative director Gatot R. Gutama, “the more often Fortune is entrusted, the more challenged we are to provide better works than the previous. Hopefully Hikmah Puasa Djarum 2015 can leave an imprint on the hearts of public”.

Djarum’s 2015 Ramadan campaign will be Fortune’s eighth occasion since the year 2000. In addition to TV commercials, the campaign of Hikmah Puasa Djarum is also promoted through a variety of media including activation and digital activities.

In 2014 the campaign was handled by Celsius Creative Communications.

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