XM Gravity’s Business Units Rolled Into Divisions As Company Becomes Mirum Indonesia

Dan and Nanda
Over the weekend, J. Walter Thompson Company announced that it has consolidated eleven of its digital agencies across 17 countries into a single entity under the name Mirum. Included in this new company is Asia’s highly successful XM group of companies which will henceforth be known as Mirum Asia Pacific, led by Nanda Ivens who was appointed CEO of XM Asia Pacific recently.

Mirum is set up as a sister company to JWT agency with a focus in technology, design, innovation, and data and will operate separately from JWT with a largely different set of clients. The two companies will collaborate from time to time but will maintain separate management teams and financial records.

Mirum’s operations are divided into five geographical regions, North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific with former Digitaria CEO Dan Khabie (pictured above with Ivens) taking the helm as Mirum Global and North America CEO.

For Indonesia’s XM Gravity, which was awarded as the best digital agency in the country by Campaign Asia at the end of last year, this will be the second time it has changed names, having been founded in 2008 as Magnivate and later renamed to XM Gravity following partial acquisition by JWT’s XM Asia Pacific in 2012.

According to the media release, Mirum’s capabilities are organized around Strategy & Consulting services, Creative & Content, User Experience & Platforms, Analytics & Insight and Product Development & Mobile. Additionally,Mirum has deep vertical service offerings in Digital Retail, Behavioral Media and Financial Services.

In Indonesia, XM Gravity had a joint unit with JWT called XM-JWT and the relationship will continue under the name Mirum@JWT according to Nataya Ermanti, corporate communications manager at Mirum Indonesia.

While prior to the amalgamation XM Gravity had different business units; Lab, Lingo, Purple, XM Gravity One, and XM Gravity Lab, they have now been rolled into divisions focusing on aspects such as creative, technology, social media, and media analytics.

Nanda Ivens’ role as CEO of XM Asia Pacific covering Southeast Asia, Australia, and Hong Kong, has been expanded to also lead Mirum Asia Pacific’s operations in India, which previously went by the name ActivearkJWT.

In a statement, Ivens said, “this is an incredibly exciting time for our staff and clients. Mirum is all about collaboration, and our borderless approach allows us to leverage innovation and talent from across our global network in real time.”

With Ivens holding a regional leadership role, he remains for the time being CEO of the Indonesian office, assisted by Garth Parlimbangan as managing director, and two co-managing directos, Ellyse Sinsilia and Daniel Van Leeuwen for daily operational duties.

[header image courtesy of Mirum Indonesia]