P3I Jakarta Regional Conference to Discuss Direction of Creative Economy

mukerda 2015
The Jakarta chapter of the Indonesian Association of Advertising Companies will be having its annual conference at the Borobudur Hotel today. The timing of the conference conveniently coincides with the launch of the Creative Economy Agency which allows Triawan Munaf to be the keynote speaker at the event.

In his chat with AdDiction earlier this week Triawan Munaf mentioned a number of priority actions and how the agency is going to approach a number of issues especially with regards to intellectual property but for this event he is expected to outline in greater detail what the agency aims to do and what it means for the advertising industry.

Under a new regime, the agency is poised to accelerate aspects of the creative economy by creating a more favorable environment for industry professionals to produce increasingly better work. This can be achieved through various collaborative efforts with a number of ministries and government offices and by working with the education sector to allow more open, inclusive, and innovative ideas to be developed by students to become better professionals.

With a strong emphasis on law enforcement in clamping down violations of intellectual property rights, the agency expects to be able to instill greater respect among Indonesians of other people’s creations and express appreciation in a way that will allow such works to be produced in greater numbers.

With respect to the role of creative economy on a national scale, the target of doubling the contribution from 7% to 14% of the annual GDP is expected to be achieved through a number of different strategies to specifically place Indonesia as a global creative force.

The potential of Indonesia to become a significant player in the global creative industry was recognized by Cannes Lions chairman Terry Savage on his visit to the country last September. Similarly, judges at last year’s Citra Pariwara advertising awards praised the entries and winners of the BG Award for their fresh approach despite the disappointment at the Daun Muda entries.

Indonesia’s first gold at Young Spikes competition last year also show that the abilities and talents are there. What the creative youth need are encouragement and confidence in their work.

The rise of Indonesian creative professionals to the global scene, such as New York-bound animation artist Pinot Ichwandardi, is only just starting and with the right incentives and approach, it won’t be too long before the country will have a large number of globally recognized creative professionals.

While Cabinet Secretary Andi Widjajanto was scheduled to appear at the event, he unfortunately has had to cancel.