TBWA Indonesia Launches #AdoptAMother Initiative

adoptamotherSeven out of ten nursing home residents are widowed mothers who have been mostly abandoned by their adult children, according to Indonesia’s Agency of Social Welfare Coordination (BK3S), so TBWA is launching an initiative called Adopt a Mother to help these mothers rediscover the sort of happiness and love that they once may have had.

“Adopt a Mother is our way to bring back a little of the joy of motherhood. We can never hope to replace a real caring family relationship, but the simple act of sharing your time with a mother who has lost personal contact with her own family can, we think, make a life-changing difference,” the agency said in a statement.

According to the agency, the onset of rapid urbanization is what is causing a lot of families to lose touch with their parents and especially mothers because women tend to live longer than men.

The idea is for people to adopt one of the handful of mothers being featured on the campaign’s website and bring them a little joy by spending time with them from time to time because sometimes what they need is not money or gifts but someone with whom they can take a walk or talk to.

TBWA is launching this campaign to coincide with Indonesia’s women appreciation day on 22 December, which has been widely misunderstood to be Mother’s Day. The agency plans to roll out this campaign to other countries within Southeast Asia in 2015.