Indonesia’s Top Trending Hashtags, Accounts, and Tweets of 2014


Election issues dominated Twitter conversations and topics in Indonesia throughout 2014 and in a year when the Oscar selfie from Ellen Degeneres became the most retweeted tweet ever, it was a tweet from Denny JA asking people to vote for Jokowi-JK which became the second most. Twitter today released a list of Indonesia’s most popular tweets, topics, hashtags, and accounts and the top 20 most followed accounts is quite telling.

Twitter calls its most retweeted tweet the Golden Tweet and while everyone knows about Ellen Degeneres’ group selfie at the Oscars, for Indonesia the Golden Tweet apparently belongs to @DennyJA_WORLD, which had been shared over a million times, making it the second most shared Tweet ever after Ellen’s selfie. Twitter said in a media release, “Indonesia’s Golden Tweet reflects the country’s first “Twitter Elections”, with over 95 million elections-related Tweets, contributing to the national conversation”.

When it comes to the most retweeted tweets, it’s easy to figure out what kind of audience Twitter has in Indonesia and the sort of things that they love to share because the tweets share a common trait. Almost all of them are expressions of innermost feelings and thoughts, many laced in humor. It’s also telling that Raditya Dika is the only actual personal account whose tweet made it on to the list.

Hashtag games are popular among Indonesians and hardly a week goes by in 2014 that there was no trending hashtag from Indonesia for what ever reason. The fastest rising hashtags from Indonesia range in topics which include news, events, and football, but the list is dominated, as expected, by election hashtags. Indonesians were also quick to express their discontent with President Yudhoyono who allowed the representative assembly to pass a law halting direct elections of regional heads of governments.

2014 year on twitter hashtags

The top conversations on Twitter in Indonesia this year reflect not only the news but also some of the most important issues during the presidential election, the country’s love for football, how Indonesians were anticipating for the release of the movie The Raid 2 and apparently Indonesians were concerned about the rumored breakup of popular girl band JKT 48.

Twitter’s media release said, “from the fiery speech by Presidential candidates on the campaign trail, to the World Cup drama in Brazil, to people sharing their prayers over natural disaster and discussing political events, if it’s happening in Indonesia, it’s happening on Twitter”

And finally, these are the top most followed Twitter accounts in Indonesia in 2014.

2014 year on twitter accounts