Opinions of the President Juries of Citra Pariwara Advertising Festival 2014

In a break with tradition, the president jury of each judging panel for this year’s Citra Pariwara awards gave their statements on video instead of in person, partly because not everyone was anticipated to be present during the awarding, but mostly to introduce something different and new to the festival.

The decision to produce and use the videos to introduce each major category through video statements proved clever as not only was president jury of panel 1, JWT’s Lo Sheung Yan, had a flight to catch prior to the awarding night, the city had a major storm throughout the afternoon that heavily affected traffic and significantly delayed the arrival of many of the judges to the venue.

Though this year the agencies have produced some of the best ads ever released across all medium, it wasn’t all rosy as the judges expressed some disappointments in a number of categories specifically in Daun Muda, the category for young guns, and Media. Fortunately they were excited at the prospect of the incoming talents to the industry as the student entries showed a lot of promise in expressing their creativity. It was also encouraging to hear that in some categories, the judges deemed the winners worthy to be considered for regional submissions.