John Galvin: Improving Creativity With Technology

Technology changes and it shapes the industry for the good and bad. Using examples of ads from 1989 and comparing it to the contemporary advertising forms, John Galvin of Oriental Post Group explains the different approaches people used to make advertising more effective.

Advertising agencies use the best technology available at any given time. The primary effects of technology changes the production workflows. Nowadays, people can use green screen and CGI as well as post production magic to cut down cost, where before they need to make live shots.

We can digitally touch up each frames now, transforming every scene from the mundane to the magnificent, and merging these digitally enhanced frames for the optimal enhancement. John further suggested that these technological advances won’t kill creativity. Instead they would improve creativity by enhancing the creative product to become something larger than life. However, its important to resist the temptation to go overboard and apply too much technology when it’s not necessary.

John also said that while it’s getting so much easier for people to be experts in new technology through self taught, it’s difficult to determine whether they’re on the right track without a mentor.

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Lurino Bertorani reports for AdDiction from Citra Pariwara 2014