James Spendlove Hawkins: Storytelling Across Platforms


As an experienced digital marketer, James Spendlove Hawkins talked about the great marketing revolution in the context of the digitization of the world. This doesn’t mean that the rules have changed, though. Instead, the power of creative storytelling and engaging stories has become more prevalent than ever. Highlighting the changes of media fragmentation and consumer choice, as well as the effects of digital media to the landscape, he suggested that the future of advertising lie in the mix of ads and content in order to stay interesting and relevant.

Digital platform is just another medium for storytelling and it’s the best storytellers that we need, regardless of the agency being conventional or digital. Digital channel can be an equally powerful platform for storytelling, just like the more conventional media. The opportunity lies in how the big ideas are told to the audience.

An advantage that digital media offers is the ability to directly measure how the audience responded to the message. In a competitive advantage where we need to keep up with the changing dynamics of the audience, it’s better to be fast and agile, and adapt the big story to the dynamic landscape based on the responses of the audience.

Getting fresh approach for the solutions that clients require diverse talents, youthful values, collaborative environment. Everybody needs to contribute to the adaptiveness and nimbleness of a fast iterative agencies that can deliver solutions for problems big and small, connecting people through stories.

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Lurino Bertorani reports for AdDiction from Citra Pariwara 2014