Brian Charles Capel: Building Trust and Understanding

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Leo Burnett’s Brian Charles Capel concluded our seminar series with a talk about developing great ideas through client and agency partnership. Agencies want to create great campaigns that win the heart of the people, and clients want to increase sales. For this purpose, it’s useful to think of client – agency relationship like how life partners manage theirs.

Agencies need to listen more. not just to the clients’ business needs and complexities, but also to the subtle behavioral insights and cultural changes of their consumers. Each have their own worries, and just like life partners, clients and agencies need to understand each other and delegate responsibilities. This is the way to nurture trust and good relationship between the involved parties.

Every problem needs solutions, and this presents opportunities for agencies to create exciting new innovations that engage and excite people. It is when there’s a certain tension and frustration that agencies can put more attention to it and push more innovations to make the clients feel better.

Brian left us with the notes that for any problem with clients, agencies just need to remember these points: leave your ego behind, listen more, create excitement when things went flat, and pay more attention when there are tensions around. With great partnership comes creative solutions for problems.

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Lurino Bertorani reports for AdDiction from Citra Pariwara 2014