Bala Pomaleh: Media and Ideas are Inseparable

With various case studies on creative media strategies to complete the campaign, Bala Pomaleh elaborated how creativity is important even in planning for media placement.

He pointed out his key points using unconventional campaigns that appeals to the audience. Coffee brand that used print ads to promote the fresh smell of its coffee. Horror movie campaign that attempts to scare everyone that searches for scary things in Youtube and getting social media buzz. To children shampoo campaign that talk directly to the children through jingles instead of the conventional getting to the mother to get to the children. Even creating fruits shaped like the packaging of a juice brand.

When it comes to creativity, he said that we need lots of effort to make it to life. We need to invest the resources to innovate. But eventually it will pay. We are often too driven by the numbers that we forgot about the ideas people produce. In the long run, he noted, others might catch up to the numbers we generate. But ideas are uniquely ours, and they’re our greatest assets.

While there’s no doubt that digital advertising is the future, Bala believes that there’s still lots of room to capitalize on the innovation and creativity in other media.

[header image by AdDiction]
Lurino Bertorani reports for AdDiction from Citra Pariwara 2014