Mark Chamberlain: Effectiveness Needs Creativity

Due to last minute scheduling change, Millward Brown’s Mark Chamberlain ended up being the first speaker of the day and he spoke about building an effective campaign through the use of consumer insights, especially using his company’s product, Link. He explaining how Link can help in creating more meaningful ads and differentiate the brand from the rest of the pack.

According to Mark, to develop an effective advertising, creativity is often not enough. Creative agencies need insights to what the target audience would understand. For this, it’s useful to integrate research as more than a testing tool. Research can point out the insights and guidelines that would improve the campaign. For this purpose, Milward Brown made the Link™ process to help measure advertising effectiveness.

The variables that Link™ measured are salience, meaningfulness, and the uniqueness of the ads. These variables explain which aspects of an ad create the most effective engagement with the audience. One way to do this is by measuring emotional impacts, by monitoring micro-expressions of the audience as they watch the ad; along with other research methods. Through this measurement, we could see how enjoyable an ad is for the audience.

Through these research methods to guide creative development process, we could potentially increase the overall effectiveness of a campaign to build short term sales increase and long term brand differentiation.

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Lurino Bertorani reports for AdDiction from Citra Pariwara 2014