Gina Wibowo: Be Creative, Be Bold

Gina Wibowo unfortunately had an accident prior to the event, which required some serious medical attention but surprisingly she decided to maintain her commitment to speaking at Citra Pariwara, and for that we extend our deepest and utmost respect and gratitude. In her session, she spoke about the role of creativity in every aspect of advertising.
When it comes to returns, there are short term and long term returns and it’s getting very difficult by the day for marketers to be able to do their job properly given the rapid shift in consumer behaviors. Everyone is doing things in different ways and for each consumer segment, the behaviors are no longer determined by the traditional expectations.

The different ways that people consume the media also add significantly to the challenge that marketers need to approach their audience. The fact that it’s so easy for people to switch between mediums and channels easily raises the costs for brands to remain relevant in the eyes of their consumers. Also there’s a lack of trust from the audience to advertising.

The job of a marketer is to make people chose one brand instead of other brands. It all starts with a concept to deliver more than what competitors are giving and that is why brands increasingly need more effort to win the consumer mind share.

Through in-depth market and customer understanding, creative professionals need to rely a lot more on creativity, not only to understand the data, but also to create effective concepts and marketing campaigns.

Client and agency need to team up to gain competitive advantages to make marketing more efficient, delivered through a continuous dialogue between the client, the agency, and the audience.

Clients need to understand what they want to do with their brand, while agencies need to understand how to deliver it to the audience. This mutual understanding must be reflected in the product before being implemented in other marketing communication efforts

With an example through Sampoerna Hijau Campaign, she explained the aspects of creativity, boldness and robust execution. Each stakeholder, both from agency side and client side need to collaborate to produce something new and unique that stands out from the competition.

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Lurino Bertorani reports for AdDiction from Citra Pariwara 2014