Ben Lightfoot: Embrace the Data

Speaking as a board member of the Effie Awards, Ben Lightfoot introduced how data can help creativity in delivering proven results. In a dynamic world where data is abundant and innovation moves forward at a back-breaking pace, agencies need to keep up through measurements.

Measurement and creativity walk hand in hand to develop an effective solution to change behaviors. There’s no limit to what is an effective campaign, it could start with a ground breaking idea, or simple ideas that make people stop and check it out.

What matters is how the execution of such ideas can make significant changes. Ben also provided tips to measure effectiveness of a campaign. These are:

• Start with defining the goal up front in details.
• State your idea in a simple manner.
• Explain your insights and how you get them; and address the rationale behind your decisions.

Using Nestle Fitness campaign as an example, he showcased how agencies can use Facebook ads to find out which kind of message appeals most to the audience.

He closed the presentation with the message that “data and technology is abundant and everywhere, you have to embrace it, and use creativity to bring your insights to life.”

[header image by AdDiction]
Lurino Bertorani reports for AdDiction from Citra Pariwara 2014