Music Streaming Service Guvera Flirts with e-Commerce Through Its New Advertising Platform

Music streaming service Guvera has quietly introduced native advertising in its mobile apps, which allows brands to present themselves to music listeners in a more comprehensive yet non-disruptive manner, in addition to the display ads rolled out previously along with #Play, Guvera’s ad-supported option.

Along with the new interaction options, Guvera now has several different advertising opportunities for brands who may be interested in reaching Guvera’s mobile audience.

The standard model is a basic square banner ad which is served to non-paying listeners displayed on top of the list of featured playlists as well as at the bottom of individual playlists. Each tap on the ad will take the audience out of the app to the brand’s web page for the campaign on the default browser.

Guvera also offers a banner ad similar in appearance to the playlist banners but clearly marked as promoted and will lead the audience to an in-app product page, typically a catalog, featuring the brand’s promoted products, which the audience can then buy. This catalog effectively turns Guvera’s mobile app into a driver to generate e-commerce transactions on the brand’s website. At the moment Guvera has yet to decide whether to charge referral fees for transactions made through its mobile app but the company is keeping its options open.

These ads will not appear to those who subscribe to Guvera Platinum as they are additions to the ad-supported Guvera #Play model, which allows only a limited access to the music library and will display full screen ads from time to time while the music plays. The company plans to introduce in-stream advertising in between songs in the future but has yet to determine the details.

The most comprehensive brand placement in Guvera’s mobile app consists of a full profile containing links to the brand’s social media assets, product catalog, as well as a playlist of songs that the brand has put together.

guvera ad platform

With regards to consumer privacy, although Guvera has the precise individual profiles for all of its users, it does not hand over identifying details to the brands according to Pontus Sonnerstedt, CEO of Bayon Management who is working with Guvera Indonesia as a strategic consultant.

What Guvera presents to the brands however, are common consumer profiles by which they can deliver the appropriate and relevant advertising or message. The company will also be able to deliver targeted advertising as the inventory grows.

We’ll have more on Guvera’s new ad platform soon.

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