Brands React to Line’s Ada Apa Dengan Cinta Revival

Nostalgia is running rampant today across Indonesian social media scene as messaging app Line launched the local campaign for Find Alumni, a new feature in the service which allows you to reconnect with your school friends. Line debuted a 10-minute ad which follows the story of the 2002 hit teen movie Ada Apa Dengan Cinta, accompanied by two television ads.

Tapping into the power of nostalgia, the ad picked up right where the movie left off with the male lead, Rangga, played by Nicholas Saputra, now in New York after 12 years away from Indonesia, suddenly was asked to travel back to the country on a work assignment. As memories rush in, he looked up the list of his school friends through Line’s Find Alumni feature and found his old flame Cinta, played by Dian Sastrowardoyo.

Not wanting to miss out on the massive wave, other brands have come to jump on the bandwagon and release their reaction ads on Twitter. Unfortunately, while the reactions were relatively quick, most of them focus on the same aspect, which is Rangga’s promise to Cinta about returning to her one day, making the ads less entertaining and therefore less likely to go viral as they may have hoped.

We are collecting these ads as they come, so if you come across any that we haven’t linked to, please let us know through our Twitter account @addictionid and include the link to the ad.

Elevenia, which has Cinta Laura Kiehl as its brand ambassador, could have had a better execution given the name coincidence.

Perhaps Line missed an opportunity to also get the characters to use its stickers in the conversation. On second thought, maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea after all?