Citra Pariwara 2014: Dini Makmun Previews This Year’s Seminars

Chairwoman of Saatchi & Saatchi Dini Makmun returns this year as a committee member of Citra Pariwara advertising festival in charge of the seminars. In this interview she elaborates how the this year’s theme, return on ideas, forms the basis of the seminar topics and why it’s important to acknowledge measurability and performance of creative works.

While the seminars are going to focus on the steps in a marketing journey including product conception, communications, media, execution, all the way to the moment of truth, all will be framed with the understanding that “we live in an age when ideas are no longer just for the sake of creative orgasm” but they are also being measured against the performance of the brands.

Although this might sound as if the concept is limiting the scope of ideas and the range of creativity, Henry Manampiring already explained that while the creative force behind an idea might see quantitative measurement as a limiting factor, it actually helps in determining the direction of the idea to better serve the requirements and the scope of work.

As for the seminars, the speakers have yet to be announced but the line of experts who will be speaking will come from a range of different fields including client side, shopper marketing, creative, media, and digital agencies, and there will be a discussion panel among experts.