Citra Pariwara 2014: Anne Ridwan on the Selection of Judges

As a senior figure in the Indonesian advertising industry, Anne Mutia Ridwan, Group Managing Director of Leo Burnett Indonesia, has been entrusted to be the selector of judges for this year’s Citra Pariwara advertising festival.

Having a set of balanced, experienced, and critical judges play an important role in the direction of the industry. The winning ads or campaigns become benchmarks for the industry to aspire to and also serve as sources of inspirations for future campaigns, thereby elevating the quality of the overall industry.

The aim of the festival isn’t simply to determine who produced the best works but to continually increase the standard of creativity and quality in delivering solutions for the challenges that they’ve been presented with.

As Chairman of Cannes Lions Terry Savage said when he was in Jakarta recently, Indonesia has the potential to be a powerhouse in the creative industry but there is a confidence issue on the work that’s been done. Having consistently won Lions means that the ability is there but unfortunately it remains on the same level from year to year.

As for the judges, Ridwan spoke about the criteria that they are going to bee looking at in determining the submissions eligible for an award. Originality and creativity are the basic traits naturally but there are other aspects that will strongly influence the decision.

Last year’s festival only saw nine gold trophies being awarded to seven campaigns despite the number of submissions reaching record highs across 13 categories. This is unfortunately a reflection of an industry that has yet to fully embrace its creative core but signs are pointing towards improvements.

Perhaps the fact that Indonesia has managed to win gold at Young Spikes this year for the first time ever, courtesy of TBWA’s Lila Talitha and Wisnu Satya Putra, may further spark the creative drives of the rest of the industry and get them to produce significantly better output from this point forward.