APMF 2014: Changing the World Through Media with Merlee Cruz-Jayme

When Chairmom and chief creative of DM9 JaymeSyfu Merlee Cruz-Jayme took the stage on the second day at this year’s Asia Pacific Media Forum, she talked about the changes in the world and what people can do or should be doing if they want to make it a better place. She also raised the different or innovative uses of media in bringing about this transformation.

As the world changes, people need to be able to look at things from different perspectives and be more resourceful to find new ways in using existing media whether they’re physical or electronic.

While creative agencies usually offer solutions to clients in the form of advertising or public relations campaigns, DM9 has no reservations with creating products for such a purpose, such as the pocket fire extinguisher. DM9, she said, is a creative agency that tries to connect creativity with technology but for humanity.

Using expired SIM cards as feature phone-readable electronic textbooks for schools and students for example, is one of Cruz-Jayme’s unorthodox approaches in solving a common problem. Another way her agency uses technology and media to deliver a message is by disrupting Facebook search to bury unauthorized videos associated with a particular individual.

At the end of the day it’s about looking deeper into the issues to be solved and figuring out better and more effective ways to solve them. While many people seem to be seeing things with a global perspective or try to shoehorn existing solutions, mastering local wisdom and understanding the circumstances before deciding on an approach will often result in much more favorable and satisfying outcomes.