APMF 2014: Innovation and Creativity Remain the Keys to Mastering Digital Consumer Behavior

Positive outlook was the underlying tone at this year’s Asia Pacific Media Forum (APMF) which was held this past weekend at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center. With around 40 speakers over two days, the event was attended by more than 700 delegates, journalists, and invitees from the media, advertising, and creative industries.

Given how digital and online platforms are now deeply ingrained into the daily lives of over a billion people around the world, brands and advertisers are having to play catch up and win back people’s attention which they used to enjoy so much on broadcast and print media.

Being able to “connect deeper”, as per the theme of this year’s occasion, is not only what brands are striving to do but it’s what can be done using digital platforms. In the history of media platforms, digital is one which can be far more accurately measured to determine efficiency and effectiveness of various campaigns or initiatives to engage with the audience.

In achieving that objective, creativity has never been more important, which is why the choice of having Ajaz Ahmed, the co-founder and CEO of AKQA, to be the first speaker at this year’s APMF, can’t be more appropriate.

Founded in 1995 in the UK and later headquartered in San Francisco, AKQA holds the distinction of being among the most highly decorated, awarded, and respected creative agencies in the world thanks to its innovative work in helping brands to deliver their messages to consumers.

Ajaz Ahmed spoke about inventions and innovations from the days of Henry Ford and Thomas Alva Edison to Sony’s legendary president Akio Morita and the declining longevity of companies over the last six decades.

Over two days, conference participants were treated to a wealth of knowledge, information, and insights into the world on online consumer behavior and how to anticipate and respond to crises, challenges, and trends.

Given the speed at which today’s companies, communication platforms, and technologies evolve, innovation and creativity must play a central role in how brands and the media operate to remain relevant and contextual.

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