How Does Twitter Analytics Affect Influencers?

One of the biggest issues when it comes to social media marketing is how to measure the impact and reach of social media campaign. Until recently most brand campaigns on Twitter rely on arbitrary measurement, uncertain calculations, or pay handsomely for tools that have the ability to quantify activities on Twitter to determine effectiveness. Twitter’s recently released Analytics tools for the public offer some details into how Twitter followers interact with their tweets.

The widespread rise of key opinion leaders in Indonesia, also known as influencers or buzzers, have turned social media marketing on its head and create a situation in which brands now expect its product marketing campaigns to be amplified through the use of these buzzers every time regardless of their effectiveness.

This explosion of buzzers over the last few years have prompted agencies and brands to ponder if a there is a way to determine the popularity and distribution of their message being spread by these individuals. They ask whether it is possible to measure the performance of these influencers.

A number of tools and resources such as those from twtrland, socialbakers, and tweetreach have surfaced in response to the challenge and many of them have been widely used by advertising or digital agencies, marketers, and even by the influencers themselves. On the other hand, there are people who still question the effectiveness of these tools on top of the fact that the numbers did not come directly from the social networks themselves.

Along comes Twitter’s own analytics which the company made public recently. Every Twitter user now can login to Twitter Analytics and see with more details how people react to their tweets for any given day. Those who wish to increase participation from their followers can get an insight into what they are interested in and make the adjustments accordingly. People can find out whether people click the links or enlarge the photos that they posted at all, for example.

Alexander Thian, a writer with nearly 500,000 followers on Twitter and tweets under the name @amrazing, admitted that he hasn’t given Twitter Analytics a full try but he finds it useful that it measures engagements and impressions in real time. On the other hand, he said that its ability isn’t deep enough to be able to discover those metrics long after the tweets have been posted.

In other words, Twitter Analytics at this point doesn’t differentiate between metrics collected immediately after a tweet was posted and those acquired hours, days, or longer periods of time later because sometimes tweets resurface after a while and it can be useful to know the reasons for it.

Despite all these tools however, Alex said that he’s not going to change the way he tweets or promotes things because his story-telling method works and serves him and his audience very well.

According to Natalia Turangan, digital strategist at XM Gravity in Jakarta, Twitter’s analytics tools are still inferior to that of Facebook’s but “as a starting point, it’s okay.” Natalia expects more from the tools because Twitter is quick paced and something that can be used to compare daily or weekly metrics would be immensely more appropriate.

Natalia said that Twitter’s Analytics might hit the influencers pretty hard because it means that digital agencies that hire them may change the way payments are calculated. If previously the more common way is to arrange for payments based on the number of tweets or the length of the campaign, these metrics may affect that arrangement as agencies can request for a full spread of analytics data.

Professionally Natalia said that at least at this point she wouldn’t be changing too much of how she monitors social media for her clients. Discoveries and results from Twitter’s tools will provide a more complete picture but the third party social media monitoring applications and services still offer more comprehensive results which are already accepted by the clients.

[by Dwika Putra Hendrawan – social media officer, Narrada Communications]

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