Wahyu “Pinot” Ichwandardi on Why Brands Are Attracted to Vine

Wahyu Ichwandardi is better known around the world as Pinot, master of six second story telling through hand drawn animation, which he publishes on Vine, Twitter’s short video service. For most of his career he’s been a motion graphics artist working for TV stations but recently left his job to pursue a career in making Vine videos.

Having spent the last seven years working for Al Wataniya TV station in Kuwait, Pinot’s current journey is with GrapeStory, a creative agency based in New York which specializes in creating Vine videos for brands. He’s produced videos for companies such as Disney, Samsung, ESPN, Rolls Royce, Exxon, Virgin, the BBC, and Ford since 2013.

As one of the earliest Vine stars, Pinot’s specialty is stop motion animation and his ability to capture a complete story in just six seconds. As Vine videos, led by comedy, animation, and music videos, exploded across the United States, American brands began to explore the unique format and worked with a number of high profile Vine stars to run their campaigns.

While Twitter has yet to disclose how many are using Vine regularly, it announced in August 2013 that Vine has 40 million. Not only are brands actively engaging with popular Viners, but some of the top Viners have banded together to offer more variety and options to brands.

While holidaying in Jakarta, Pinot spoke AdDiction regarding his perspectives on a number of things such as the popularity of Vine itself, how and why top International brands are embracing the format, why he thinks Samsung is the brand that used Vine most effectively, and what it would take for Vine to be well received and be popular in Indonesia.

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