Snapshots of APMF 2014

This year’s Asia Pacific Media Forum was the most attended with more than 750 people present during the two day conference, including nearly 40 speakers who shared their insights, experience, stories, and wisdom. Kickstarted by a welcome dinner from CEO of Indonesia’s MNC Group Hary Tanoesudibjo the night before the conference began and ended with a fascinating story about the creative process by Hakuhodo-Kettle co-CEO Kentaro Kimura, the event presented many lessons, inspirations, and references for those in the audience. There were many highlights throughout the event including AKQA co-founder and CEO Ajaz Ahmed, COO of The Star Radio Group Kudsia Kahar, head of digital at Danone Michael Aidan, Bandung mayor Ridwan Kamil, and a whole lot more.

You can read more about the event in our coverage here.

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