McDonald’s Jumps On Board the Mini Drama Bandwagon With Korean McSpicy Campaign

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In mid May, McDonald’s Indonesia launched what it calls Korean style McSpicy burger. Fully understanding the aspects of Korean appeal among Indonesian consumers, the company, with Leo Burnett as its agency, released My Spicy Love, a spoof Korean mini drama which asks viewers to submit their own takes of certain scenes. My Spicy Love is backed by a heavy television push, on site material, and Korean McSpicy website to display video submissions.

Leo Burnett’s account director for McDonald’s, Sheila Herwana, said that the tongue in cheek and comical video was made possible due to the agency’s long term relationship with McDonald’s. The significant amount of trust that had been built between the two companies over the years allowed the agency to inject a high amount of silliness into the campaign.

“We wanted to create something that’s impactful. Korean McSpicy is a product with limited time offer that’s only going to be available for six weeks so the awareness and conversation had to be built in that six weeks”, she said to AdDiction. The entire idea behind the campaign centered around ways to represent Korea and creating a public conversation which would lead to sales. “Because we had the same objectives, the brainstorming process was easy”.

The campaign was a combined effort by McDonald’s and Leo Burnett’s ATL, digital, and activation teams, supported by witty and absurd copywriting that combines Korean and Indonesian languages which immediately connected with Korean drama fans and non-fans alike.

Since the Korean wave is still making an impact among Indonesian consumers and Korean drama remains a significant attraction, they decided to make a comedy of it. “Because our target audience are not just fans of Korea, we packaged it as a spoof so non-fans can also enjoy this film and be part of the conversation”, Sheila said.

The video is peppered with gag-inducing pick up lines such as “Be with me and you can enjoy my wealth,” and “you are the answer to my poverty”, and a break up conversation that involves the young man admitting that the woman he’s been betrothed to, “is feng shuei incompatible because she doesn’t like hot food”. In one scene, the male lead grimly told his friend that his mother was going to melt his car and turn it into strings of necklaces if he didn’t break off his relationship with the McDonald’s waitress.

While the main talents are Indonesians, two of the supporting talents are actual Koreans who also served as translators for the project.

It may not be immediately apparent that the video is part of a campaign for McDonald’s McSpicy burger which is why McDonald’s outlets are also equipped with materials to support this campaign and trigger audience participation which involves submitting a 30 second scene as alternate versions for specific parts of the video.

“The idea to get consumers to create their own videos was to turn the video viral organically and build awareness for Korean McSpicy without performing a hard sell”, she explained. “The focus of the video was the story and consumer participation”, and consumers are expected to make the connection between the spoof drama with the product through the established multiple communications channels.

The Korean McSpicy campaign runs from 11 May until 16 June. With hilarious lines, clichéd characters, and absurd situations, the My Spicy Love video is certainly one that will leave a lasting impression on the viewers.

Client Service Director: Debajyoti Dutta
Account Director: Sheila Herwana
Account Executive: Cynthia Lestari
Executive Creative Director: Brian Capel
Creative Director: Patricia Wiroreno
Creative Group Head: Yogi Pradana
Art Director: Franz Liberty
Copy Writer: Rinda Panjaitan
Sr Producer: Eva Karina
Jr Producer: Rizky Ferdyansyah
Planning Director: Henry Manampiring
Sr Planner: Ade Putra
Planner: Ian Prasetyo

Head of digital: David Chalken
Digital Operational Director: Sheedy Siregar
Digital Technology Lead: Herman Taniwa
System Analyst: Anugrah Sembada
Digital Account Manager: Valdano Rizky
Community Manager: Riana Rizky
Digital Creative Director: Rama Herniwan
Digital Creative Group Head: Eka Anash
Digital Graphic Designer: Mario Rudansa dan Rika Putrianjani

Executive Director Shopper & Retail: Lia Sunarjo
Associate Activation Director: Yusuf Syaiffudin

Korean McSpicy (20150604)

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