Lila Talitha and Wisnu Satya Putra on Winning Gold at Young Spikes Asia 2014

Spikes Asia creative festival 2014 has come and gone but this proves to be a special year as Indonesia’s entry to the Young Spikes competition returned home with gold medals for the very first time. TBWA\’s Lila Talitha and Wisnu Satya Putra beat contestants from across Asia Pacific to be this year’s winning team.

For this year’s competition, participants were asked to create a campaign for YourSingapore to assist tourists in getting the best out of their trips to the island nation. In approaching this challenge, being foreigners, both Talitha and Wisnu thought they were at a disadvantage because they had no local insights or knowledge about Singapore to create something so comprehensive and useful for visitors.

After having done some quick research both online and offline, the pair decided to create a mobile application which acts as a personal guide to Singapore, powered by Singaporeans, to provide the information that visitors or tourists would appreciate having when they arrive in the island. Especially as the information would be based on the visitor’s own itinerary, with the aim of enhancing their trip.

Wisnu and Talitha said that while they knew they had to win at least bronze to maintain Indonesia’s achievement from last year’s competition, they actually thought that there were other submissions that could have easily won ahead of them.

So what was the key to winning gold at Young Spikes? What they think made the difference which led them to win the top prize was their delivery. In other words, the pitch. In addition to presenting the idea, they presented a comprehensive media strategy as well as benefits from a business perspective, something that the other teams did not.

While crowdsourcing information to locals to help visitors was not a unique idea in the competition, they elaborated to the judges on the benefits that their idea would bring to the locals as well and presented a comprehensive media plan in addition to presenting the idea and campaign.

For Wisnu and Talitha, winning Young Spikes means that aside from having a massive boost in confidence, they now have a responsibility of being able to produce consistently high standard of work.

It also made them realize that there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to International competitions. It’s all about the mindset and finding ways to come up with the best response to meet what’s required of the challenge.

[Featured image courtesy of Lila Talitha]

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