Leo Burnett’s Henry Manampiring Explains The Theme of Citra Pariwara 2014

The theme for this year’s Citra Pariwara advertising festival is “Return on Ideas” which centers around the results and feedback generated from the implementation of creative ideas. While this does not affect considerations for works submitted for awards, it’s the underlying issue for the event’s seminars which will take place on 26-27 November.

We spoke to Leo Burnett’s head of strategy, Henry Manampiring, who is in charge of external communications for the festival, about what the theme means for the event and what the organizers of Citra Pariwara hope attendees will take away from the seminars.

In short, the proliferation of technology has allowed creative campaigns to be far more measurable than ever and some in the industry may think that the ability to quantify creative outputs may impose a limit on imagination and exploration. However, this relationship between creativity and measurement can actually be mutually beneficial as consumer behavior data will allow more appropriate and more relevant creative outputs to be produced and therefore deliver better results.

This year’s Citra Pariwara will be held on 26-28 November at epiwalk, Rasuna Epicentrum, South Jakarta. Details available from the festival website.

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