J. Walter Thompson Jakarta Named Agency of the Year at Citra Pariwara 2015

Irfan Ramli and Triawan Munaf present Agency of the Year 2015 award to J. Walter Thompson | AdDiction

Irfan Ramli and Triawan Munaf present Agency of the Year 2015 award to J. Walter Thompson | AdDiction

International agencies dominated the Indonesian advertising industry’s night of nights. At Citra Pariwara 2015, J. Walter Thompson Jakarta emerged victorious as Agency of the Year following a flood of entries from the company with its work for Nikon and Angkasa Pura being the best awarded entries of the year.

In a challenging year for the industry, submissions to the festival were indeed fewer compared to 2014 but the downturn did not stop the likes of J. Walter Thompson, Hakuhodo, Lowe, Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, iris Worldwide, and others to send multiple entries to showcase their best works.

More than 1000 entries were submitted to the festival in 13 categories with Design added as a new category. Irfan Ramli as the head of P3I DKI Jaya said, “from year to year Citra Pariwara maintains its commitment to improve the quality and competitiveness of Indonesian advertising to the world stage and as the receptacle to grow the seeds of the nation’s young creative talents.”

The organizers this year want creative professionals to stop making sense. To explore strange new worlds and seek out new ideas and creative channels, to take a leap into bold new endeavors beyond what they have done before. Chief of committee DD “Lulut” Asmoro said, “amidst the big data trend business analysis, social media, and the latest marketing concepts, we want tor remind the creative industry players to return to the spirit of creativity. Creativity comes from the courage to challenge the ordinary and give birth to entirely new business and communication ideas. We believe than unlimited creativity is the soul of this industry.”

For Irfan Ramli who is also the CEO of Hakuhodo Indonesia, this was his final year overseeing Citra Pariwara advertising festival as he has served out his two terms as the head of P3I DKI Jaya. A new chief of the Jakarta chapter of the Indonesian Association of Advertising Companies will take over the responsibilities from 2016.

The widely praised Last Minute Souvenir campaign for Angkasa Pura Airports by J. Walter Thompson in August for example was one that seemingly was staring at you in the face yet never previously executed. Turning unused coins into last minute souvenirs for foreign travelers was a masterstroke. Tourists on their way home can place their remaining Rupiah coins in small envelopes filled with descriptions and stories about them. This campaign took Best Medium for Non Conventional and Best Medium for Direct Marketing along with trophies for Packaging and Design.

Last Minute Souvenir coin envelope | J. Walter Thompson

The company’s work for Nikon was another one that received many accolades. Its print set of human photography studio dominated the print categories earning the company several silver and gold trophies as well as Best Out of Home and Best of Print.

Nikon – Waterfall | J. Walter Thompson

Hakuhodo roared into second place with trophies awarded for multiple works for Telkomsel,, and Antimo in print and film categories. The Telkomsel PSA campaign highlighted the dangers of oversharing on social media showing a child, a house, and a car as potential victims of crimes when people unnecessarily say too much about their activities.

Hakuhodo’s print ads turned words into infographics based on real data suggesting readers to take a break from their daily activities to escape their monotonous routines, while the film ads show that enjoying arts and cultures of the world are just a click away.

The Antimo motion sickness pills series took a rather predictable approach depicting a plane, a yacht, and a bus each passing through rough terrains with ease as if Moses created a straight path through them.

Leo Burnett, which was named the Digital Agency of the Year in 2014 managed to retain its position this year following gold and silver trophies for innovative mobile applications for Samsung and Stabilo Boss. It also earned trophies in the print categories for Faber Castell eraser.

In other best advertising achievement categories, Flex Films was named Production House of the Year, CNN Indonesia as TV Station of the year, Nikon as Advertiser of the Year, and Mindshare as Media Agency of the Year.

The BG awards for students this year go to Andreas Kennardi Julianto and Sekar Bestari from Jogjakarta’s Gadjah Mada University for the gold trophies. Silver went to Vincentius Bobby Hartono and Jonathan Eka Widjaja from Surabaya’s Petra Catholic University, and bronze went to Irfan Zayanto and Yaseinya Mira Dewi from University of Indonesia.

For Daun Muda awards, given to advertising professionals 28 years old or younger, Y&R Indonesia’s pair of Bayu Puspito Bhaskoro and Astri Primasari took home first prize. Second place went to Wisnu Kusuma Mandala and Rizqi Mufida Prasya from iris Worldwide, and third place to Marcella Pratama and Adinda Hapsari from Mirum @ J. Walter Thompson Jakarta.

This year’s finalists and winners can be viewed at the awards section of the Citra Pariwara website.

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