Grey President Director Agus Sudradjat Quashes Rumors of Company Shutting Down

Grey Advertising Indonesia

Recently there had been rumors that WPP’s Grey Group is winding down its operations in Indonesia. To have one of the world’s oldest advertising groups shut down in a still growing market is unheard of and would be a significant blow to the industry. To shed some light on this we had a chat with Agus Sudradjat, president director of Grey Indonesia.

Right off the bat, he denied the rumors saying, “I am shocked to hear such negative words going around about Grey. Grey will never close. As long as there are clients from global and there is a market in Indonesia, we will be here.”

While Grey Indonesia isn’t closing its operations, it is in fact in the middle of a major transition to digital, one which according to Sudradjat requires a different set of skills. “We have reduced our headcount recently but that’s because we are transforming into digital,” he told AdDiction. “The people that we let go were not a good fit for our new direction.”

“We have to face the reality that the market is changing so we also have had to adjust. We still have a large number of major clients including P&G, Orang Tua Group, Glaxo Smith Kline, Mitsubishi, Honda motorcycles, and many others. We still handle P&G’s shopper marketing and we are doing digital for brands such as Anmum, Anlene, Mitsubishi, HSBC, and Allianz,” Sudradjat explained.

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